No Waves in Mogadishu – The Book

This is a true story that follows Greg Blaze’s exploits in building a food warehouse, and upgrading a shipping port for the United Nations World Food Program in the Somali capital of Mogadishu, the most dangerous city on earth.

Blaze is an ordinary family man that is cast into a world of famine and grief, caused by decades of war and drought. His work requires him to venture into the black heart of a dark and lawless country, where his security is at the whim of the local warlords. He is confronted by the effects of jihadist militias, and is fortunate to escape the clutches of fanatical kidnappers and suicide bombers on a number of occasions.

Blaze’s writing style presents often humorous accounts of the extraordinarily amusing people that he has met and shared some bizarre experiences with. His story is one of uncommon exploits in a dangerous and demanding world, where many want to help, but few dare to venture.

This is a “good news” story of an average bloke overcoming adversity in a “bad news” world of war, greed and corruption. Amidst a setting of death and destruction, readers will enjoy seeing the Aussie spirit finding a way to overcome the odds to help out the underdog, and doing it with a smile.


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