The third book by author Greg Blaze

About the author

Greg started writing as a way of being able to share some of the weird and wonderful experiences that he had encountered when working as a humanitarian engineer in the war torn country of Somalia. He is a storyteller, and his tales convey unusual and humorous accounts of wild adventures in remote locations, combined with an expression of the human face of lives lived in circumstances so different to his own, where he was born in the land of plenty.

His strong connection with the ocean, through his decades of surfing lifestyle, has heightened his love for the natural world and God’s creation. His Christian faith has both sustained him and questioned him during his time living in third world African countries, severely impacted by the effects of decades of civil war and drought. He has worked with the Palestinians and lived with the Jews in Jerusalem, and has observed the best and worst of three significant world religions, and the power struggle that often defines them.

Greg is encouraged by people who “have a go”, those who are willing to contribute to their communities in whatever way they can, to help the living, and he draws inspiration by the person of Jesus, as described in the Christian Bible. He was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for ‘Services to Civil Engineering’ in 2018. He was born and bred in the Steel City of Newcastle and currently resides on the mid north coast of NSW.

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